ABSORPTION Increases the maximum health of an entity with health that cannot be regenerated , but is refilled every 30 seconds.
BLINDNESS Blinds an entity.
CONFUSION Warps vision on the client.
DAMAGE_RESISTANCE Decreases damage dealt to an entity.
FAST_DIGGING Increases dig speed.
FIRE_RESISTANCE Stops fire damage.
HARM Hurts an entity.
HEAL Heals an entity.
HEALTH_BOOST Increases the maximum health of an entity.
HUNGER Increases hunger.
INCREASE_DAMAGE Increases damage dealt.
INVISIBILITY Grants invisibility.
JUMP Increases jump height.
NIGHT_VISION Allows an entity to see in the dark.
POISON Deals damage to an entity over time.
REGENERATION Regenerates health.
SATURATION Increases the food level of an entity each tick.
SLOW Decreases movement speed.
SLOW_DIGGING Decreases dig speed.
SPEED Increases movement speed.
WATER_BREATHING Allows breathing underwater.
WEAKNESS Decreases damage dealt by an entity.
WITHER Deals damage to an entity over time and gives the health to the shooter.